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We are your funding advocates with 25 years finance, credit, cash flow, and strategic business and growth development experience working in your behalf; we consult on transactions from 1 million to 5 billion. We root out application or business issues before you apply. Application issues may cause a decrease in your loan request, or may result in an outright denial. We are here for you on your side. We follow your funding through the entire process. We have access to underwriter notes and can learn why they do what they do. We are insiders and we speak the language of the banks, finance community, and the computerized approval algorithms-99% of approvals are computerized. Your only other option, is to leave your future up to the bureaucracy of the computers which provides the real approvals. Finally, the banks first client is their investors,  not you the account holder or applicant.

Your Path to Success 
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Your business is the very cornerstone of your Legacy. Our primary function is to first secure and grow your legacy by assisting you in capitalizing (funding) your  existing or new business, so you can continue to build business and profit. Next, we help you create a funding blueprint to ensure you have access to strategically timed cash flow injections and growth capital over the next 5 to 20 years of business. Next, we assist in building you a financial war chest for survival during economic and market instability. Finally, we help in diversifying your profit portfolio with real estate and other divestitures for continued future growth and most importantly, generational transference.

Capital Lending Solutions LLC will help you understand what to do to ensure you can leave a legacy through a profitable business, transfer that business success to the future generation(s) within your family, or to any person(s) you desire.  Generational transfer of wealth primarily includes 1) Creating revenue, typically through business (self-employment) and investments, and 2) the establishment of a strategic portfolio of real estate. Capital Lending Solutions LLC is so much more than a funding intermediary. 

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Capital Lending Solutions LLC
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The Next Big Thing In Financing

Capital To Grow Your Business / Financing To Increase Your Sales

Capital Lending Solutions LLC and our Global Family Office brings you a full suite of Business Loan Products to business owners of all industries from working capital, equipment financing, term loans, lines of credit, SBA loans and a specific line of healthcare funding products.

Our integrated AI System is an automated lending platform built for performance. The technology allows for our clients to receive multiple lending options for their business needs. Each application we receive is analyzed and funded by one of our direct banking partners or we syndicate the loan with a banking partner. The approval/funding flow is simple and efficient, while our loan products are robust and the very best in class.

Through strategic lending partners and our online marketplace lending structure, we deliver instant decisions and the most competitive financing product available for all credit levels (A-E)....and it's all done with a single application...through one streamlined platform. The goal is to provide our business and practice partners with a financing program that is the very best in class, which in turn, enables them to give elite quality of service and care to their customers and clients.